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CloudAdstra Payroll and Next-Gen HCM Solutions

CloudAdstra is a provider of flexible, intuitive and multilingual cloud payroll and next generation HCM applications for businesses of any size.

Hosted in a secure cloud environment, the sleek modular framework of CloudAdstra’s automation solutions allows you to boost employee engagement and innovation to drive stronger growth and profitability.




For every size of business, in any industry: pay your employees accurately and on time with CloudAdstra world class cloud payroll application.

EFT & Direct Deposit

With CloudAdstra, you can deposit pay straight into your employees accounts or remit funds to government agencies via Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT’s)

Payroll Tax Filing Services

Let CloudAdstra automatically and accurately calculate your payroll taxes owing, file them on your behalf, and remit any funds owed.

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Concierge Services

CloudAstra’s Concierge Service is a fully-managed HR & Payroll service solution designed for organizations with 1 to 50 employees who lack a qualified Canadian (or U.S.) Payroll Administrator.

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Managed Services

CloudAstra’s Full-Service SaaS Solution is an HR & Payroll solution designed for organizations with 50+ Canadian employees (expanding to include US employee payroll services in 2021), who have qualified Canadian (or U.S.) HR & Payroll administrators on staff.

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Catalyst HCM

Forget paying handsome fees for complicated HR systems that no one understands or fully uses.  Many are over-engineered and still don’t hit the mark.  CloudAdstra’s Catalyst is built with the worker in mind to jump-start innovation, engagement, productivity and drive business results!

To all HR and business leaders out there – Gain back the trust and respect of your workforce and achieve unparalleled results for the company and its people by taking a look at CloudAdstra’s Catalyst HCM solution.

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